Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Zune's Disturbing Tale Continues

It isn't enough that people get Zune gets fans who will tatoo the bloody symbol on their bodies, but honestly, this story from The Onion AV Club is just ridiculous

A party was going on a few doors down from my friend's apartment complex in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. My friend said that she'd been invited to the party earlier in the day by the tenant of the apartment (with whom she was only a casual acquaintance) with promises of "Guitar Hero on the XBox360, great tunes coming from the Zune, and free beer." When we stopped by we found two dozen college students relaxing, drinking, playing Guitar Hero, in a room covered with posters for Microsoft's mp3 player, the Zune. After some free social lubricant (MGD), the host told us the whole story: Microsoft paid him to host parties like this. As long as he documented the party with pictures, he was reimbursed for all the expenses and paid a little extra for his "trouble." What sort of marketing is this? Does it happen with a lot of other mega-corporations? If so, how do I get such a sweet gig?

Oh poor desperate Zune. What will you do next? Does this mean the Zune tatoo was a rub-on?

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