Monday, June 11, 2007

Fantastic Four Meet Richard Nixon

Oh huzzah for the Onion for recognizing nerds EVERYWHERE, posting odd moments from Fantastic Four for the movie. My two favorite:

5. Richard Nixon tells off Reed Richards (FF #104)

In the second issue of the post-Kirby era, Magneto allies with the Sub-Mariner's Atlantean army to invade New York City, after Mr. Fantastic has assured the president that The Fantastic Four can handle the crisis. "I should never have listened to you, despite what Tricia said," Nixon grumbles. "This is a sad day for Amahrica!" (Yes, that's how Lee tries to replicate Nixon's accent.)


10. The FF travels to "heaven" to "rescue" The Thing, and they all meet "God" (FF #511)

Since the end of the Byrne era, the fun, memorable Fantastic Four moments have been few and far between, though the recent run of writer Mark Waid has included the occasional highlight. This one is more wince-inducing than charming, though it's certainly unforgettable. Dr. Doom takes over The Thing's body, forcing Mr. Fantastic to kill his old friend, then travel to the afterlife to bring him back. After fighting through a series of surreal metaphysical challenges, the whole team ends up at God's doorstep, and finds that the almighty looks a lot like Jack Kirby. The Kirby-God restores everything to normal, and then, ever the gentleman, tosses off a quick sketch. Amen.

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