Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Future of CDs from the White Stripes

The White Stripes' new album Icky Thumps is coming out soon and because using cds is so 1999 (or so) they are going to try to do something that would be so cool only about 2 years ago rather than 7. They are releasing an album on USB according to news at Pitchfork Media. Now I support the idea of having the album as a concept continue, but this feels a bit contrived. This is just a specialty item for hipsters to buy and brag about to each other. I guess there are worse things out there, and I suppose this looks kind of cool if nothing else...

From the Pitchfork Article:

The 512 MB USB 2.0 flash drives will come in two editions of 3,333 apiece. Half of them will creepily look like Meg, and the other half will creepily look like Jack (both are pictured).

The drives are available separately or as a pair, and all of them will come pre-loaded with Icky Thump in Apple Lossless format. They will ship the week of June 19, which is, not coincidentally, the album's U.S. release date (June 18 in the UK).

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