Thursday, June 21, 2007

The YouTube Empire

So as many people know from sites like Crave is that the iPhone is going to be a full YouTube machine. Along with Apple's AppleTV:

the much-anticipated handset will include "a special YouTube player that you can launch right from the home screen." iPhone owners can now load and browse videos from the video-sharing site as well as e-mail them to their friends.

This comes less than a month after Steve Jobs announced that the company's Apple TV set-top box would also have built-in integration for the wildly popular YouTube.

Now I think this is just dandy. As someone who hopes to make a YouTube tv show and really thinks the site is a great tool as well as hella fun, I think that it's definitely a good thing to see that Apple has joined up with it But why is it always YouTube? compared to sites like Veoh, YouTube doesn't have much. It isn't that flashy, doesn't allow for clips of more than 10 or 15 minutes and really I just take issue that when this technology has exploded, nobody is trying to at least allow for some competition.


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