Thursday, July 5, 2007


In some of the latest news that has hit mediamasher's door are bits of very good news about our favorite bands. The smashing Pumpkins are coming to relatively close to New York and just yesterday Pitchfork Media reported this:

The Portishead-curated, All Tomorrow's Parties-hosted Nightmare Before Christmas fandango keeps getting fly-er, as big papa Thurston Moore, Japanese guitar heroes Boris, liquid cool Ladytron, glimmer-man Sparklehorse, cut-ups A Hawk and a Hacksaw, that Julian Cope fella, and a couple others have been added to a pretty fly bill that already includes Aphex Twin, Black Mountain, Oneida, Earth, and Portishead themselves.

If anyone wants to spend the 400 pounds for a few room with me, I am more than willing to share.

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